What a whirlwind tour I've been on this past couple of months. It's done now and I will be stationed here in Bangkok for the next couple of months which is a nice thing to know. I love traveling regardless if it's for work or leisure but it's also nice to be home. I can finally get back to training and to posting on the site.

Most recently I was in Hong Kong for a quick business seminar that took the majority of my two day stay. I did get to visit Kowloon BJJ to observe their no-gi class but was not prepared to train. I took some pics which I'll probably post tomorrow once settled in.

Now, a permanent fixture at Kowloon BJJ is Makoto Aramaki, a BJJ black-belt hailing from Japan. Aramaki-san was one of the black-belts that competed in the open-tournament at Copa De Hong Kong, facing Xandinho from BTT. I'll be sharing more information on Aramaki-san in a later post but definitely check out the club's blog for more detailed updates.


As for the shirts, I want to thank everyone for their e-mails and support. I am hoping this can be done by the end of July or early August. I will keep everyone posted on its progress. Besides representing the community with these shirts, it's also my goal to use the money from sales to develop a full website with an interactive calendar and data-base. So for it's just been me at the helm but for it to be a real community site, I want everyone involved and posting.
A work in progress of course but that's one of my goals here. This coming September will be the 1st year anniversary of the bjj-asia. Perhaps I'll make a commemorative shirt, hahaha.


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