This past week I got to train at a number of academies while in Los Angeles, California and Las Vegas, Nevada. It's one of the many blessings I have to be able to travel for work and still make some time to train here and there, making new friends along the way. I thought I'd share some of the pictures taken and a short recap of each spot. -Luke

LEO VIEIRA Located in La Habra, California it's a relatively new spot from what the website tells me. I got train here twice and on both occassions, Leo's youngest brother Leandro was heading the class. Everyone was really chill and very open to help me out with the technique at hand. Learned an awesome drill for defending the guard. My trip was just a few days short of the mundials but what hurt even more was that I just missed the weekend seminar with Ricardo who was coming in the weekend that I would be in Vegas.

TINGUINHALocated in Anaheim, California this would be my second visit to the academy. For those who haven't read, I got to interview Tinguinha via e-mail so check it out HERE. You'd think that I'd be prepared to deal with the sweeps from open/spider-guard but no, I got myself swept over and over again. On both occasions there was a nice focus from stand-up to ground that I don't deal with so much personally but should. A real pleasure to train here.

COBRA KAI (MARC LAIMON)The final weekend of my trip I was in Las Vegas and got some time Saturday morning to attend the open-mat session. The academy is located just off the strip just behind Cheetah's (strip club). I only say this cause if you're taking a cab, it's an easy marker between Highland Blvd. & Ave. Considering it's Saturday morning, most of us would be nursing a hangover from the night before but in-spite of all that, guys come to train and train hard.

I want to thank everyone that made themselves available to train with me and help me out when I needed it. Also to everyone that kicked my ass, it's much appreciated. Best of luck to all the guys preparing for the mundials. A special thanks to Leandro, Tinguinha and Sonny. Hope to visit again in the near future. Thanks -Luke


Anonymous said...

awesome take man.
i envy you...
I heard leo just had his new baby
was that the reason he wasnt there?

LUKE said...

Thanks. I believe Leo was in Brazil at the time but am not sure. Yeah, I heard about his baby, congrats to him.