I will be away for another week on business so posts will be few.

Thanks again to all the teams who've submitted their team logo for the shirt. My plans are to finalize the shirt layout and have things printed this coming July. I'll be sure to post a final pic so everyone can have a look but so far the response has been positive.

I'm always down to hear your suggestions or any bit of news that relates to the community. -Luke


Anonymous said...

Hey there, Luke.
I suppose you are back already?

Just two questions please.

1) Would URCC or any other
organization (here in
the Philippines) have
an amateur class with
little or limited MMA?
2) Does URCC or any other
organization (here in
the Philippines) hold
combat competitions
for old guys (I am 56)?

Thank you.

LUKE said...

Hi Mountain_man,

Actually, I'm leaving Bangkok today but will be back in a week. The best person to ask about URCC is Juan Carlos. Please e-mail me at bjjasia@gmail.com so I can put you in touch with him.