I am seriously cracked-out from all the long flights but am now sitting comfortably, surfing the web for all things jiu-jitsu. I do have other interests of course but that's not what this blog is about. I've been thinking about how I can keep myself focused even though I unable to train consistently like at home. I've mentioned before the practice of watching tournament footage, visualizing techniques, dissecting my recent matches and creating plans for when I can return to the mats. More than anything, I try to focus on the aspects of jiu-jitsu that make it so much fun. I can't get bent out of shape for not training as much as I'd like because these are my circumstances. I just want to be sure that when I do return, I really appreciate how good it feels to put on my gi, smell that funky dojo-aroma and get that edge back from training regularly.

These days I am feeling a little doughy, haha.
Will try to fit in some training this trip before heading back to Bangkok. -Luke

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