I have an idea that I'd like everyone to help me with. I've created a SEABJJ logo that I'd like to incorporate into a t-shirt to represent the community. The picture I've posted above is just a sample of what it will look like but what's missing is your team logo. As best I can, I'd like to include as many team logos from Southeast Asia to cover the back of the shirt. I would need these logos e-mailed to me as an Adobe Illustrator file.

With the support of each school the look of the shirt will represent a unified body of people connected by BJJ. Let's continue to show our pride and represent.


***note: I've already received a few e-mails and it sounds like not everyone has the type of file that I am asking for. If that's the case, please contact me and let me know the situation. I will
see what I can do. Thanks -Luke

NewBreed Philippines
Tigers Gym (India)
Alive Singapore
Kowloon BJJ
Bangkok BJJ
Macau BJJ
Beijing BJJ

Shanghai BJJ
BJJ Philippines
Taiwan BJJ

***NOTE: Below is a sample of what I have to change when I get a jpg color logo. I import it into Illustrator and manually remove the color so that it can be a monochromatic image. In this case it was easy cause the image file was large but what made it difficult is that there is a lot of freakin' detail and it just took me a while. In some other cases, I am getting low-res jpgs and these are not coming out as well. I want to produce a quality product so if you can, Adobe Illustrator file i
s best. In the case I can't make your logo, I will e-mail you to see what options there are. -Luke
Below is another sample of the changes I made. Luckily this was sent to me as an Illustrator file so it was much easier for me to work with. Perhaps this is all too much info but thought it was worth informing everyone about.

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