taken from: ADCOMBAT
by: Kid Peligro

The Rickson Cup was held this past weekend in Japan. Black belts from various regions competed in the event. In the finals of the Absolute it was once again Andre Galvao v Eduardo Telles. Galvao won by advantages 4 -2.

Kron Gracie
won the Brown Belt weight and absolute as well. Kron had a total of 8 matches 4 in the weight class and 4 in the absolute. Kron won all his matches except for the finals of the absolute by submission each in under 3 minutes. In the absolute finals Kron faced Junior Cavalcante, a 220 pounder from Rocha JJ. The match was an epic battle with Kron submitting Junior with 12 seconds to go in the match to continue his incredible submission streak.

Pics courtesy Synia

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