I am a regular listener to the The Fightworks Podcast for it's insightful interviews and updates on BJJ so it's no surprise that I recommend everyone to check it out. This week in particular, I really encourage everyone to take a listen to the interview with Ed Kennedy, a Romero 'Jacare ' Calvacanti black-belt (Alliance).

What makes this one such an interesting listen is that he's a regular guy like the rest of us with all the responsibilities of a fulltime career and family. He talks about what it's been like in his journey over ten years and how he's balanced everything to get where he is today and how he continues to be a student of jiu-jitsu. While the black-belt may represent a destination, it's just a part of the journey. -Luke


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Caleb said...

Hey Luke! Thanks for the kind words! :) Glad you liked the interview...