Here are the results for the no-gi, April 28, 2008. If there are any mis-spellings or errors please let me know and I will make the correction. -Luke

No GI Advance Under 65kg

1. Lawrance Law (KLN BJJ)
2. Lee (KLN BJJ)
3. Kai Huang (Taiwan BJJ)

No GI Norvice Under
1. Demitri Telfar (Taiwan BJJ)
2. Shiloong (GB)
3. Richard Clavy (GB HK)
3. Alexandro Esteves (Purebred/Loyd Irvin)

No GI Advance Under 75kg
1. Makoto Aramaki (KLN BJJ)
2. Ralph Go (New Breed)
3. Issac Chang (Taiwan BJJ)
3. Hoin (KLN BJJ)

No GI Novice under 85kg
1. Nicholas Young (Taiwan BJJ)
2. Luis (Macau BJJ)
3. Leo2 "Karagi" (KLN BJJ)
3. Robert Zen Berimbau (

No GI Advance under
1. Vaugh Boyd Anderson (Taiwan BJJ)
2. SD (EMAC)
3. Kensaku Kojima (TRUST Jiujitsu)

No GI Novice over 85.1kg
1. Forrest (KLN BJJ)
2. Mike Kwok (BTT HK)
3. Well Wang (Taiwan BJJ)

No GI Advance over 85.1kg
1. Dimitrios Tsitos (Shanghai BJJ)
2. Ali (New Breed)
3. Francis Magbitang (Taiwan BJJ)
3. Patrick (Taiwan BJJ)

No GI Absolute Novice under 75kg
1. Demitri Telfar (Taiwan BJJ)
2. Ming (KLN BJJ)

No GI Absolute Advance under 75kg
1. James AKA "Koji" (Academia Az)
2. Lawrance Law (KLN BJJ)
3. Leo1 (KLN BJJ)
3. Kai Huang (Taiwan BJJ)

No GI Absolute Novice over 75.1kg
1. Kurt Scholtes (Taiwan BJJ)
2. Ryan (KLN BJJ)
3. Well Wang (Taiwan BJJ)
3. Graham Ravdin (

No GI Absolute Advance over 75.1kg
1. Dimitrios Tsitos (Shanghai BJJ)
2. Vaugh Boyd Anderson (Taiwan BJJ)
3. Jon Jones (Taiwan BJJ)
3. SD (EMAC)


warren said...

there are some mistakes.
i've sent the changes to kei in kln.

LUKE said...

Thanks. Hope to see those changes so I can make the corrections on the blog. I just reformatted what was sent to me from Kei.

Demitri said...

Hey luke its Demitri. there are 2 under 65kg novice categories. The one I competed in should be under 75kg, not 65kg. And also my name was spelled wrong. Thanks man!

LUKE said...

Hey Demitri. Thanks for the notice, already made the corrections. Great job this weekend by the way.