I thought we were overdue for a calendar update and wanted everyone to know a group of us here in Bangkok are organizing a bjj/grappling tournament for this coming September 27-28, 2008. While this is apart from the SEA Grappling Games, we are working together with everyone in the area to ensure it is a unified event towards the interest of the competitors. We are presently working on sponsorship and establishing the rules of the event. For the sake of having a title, I've called it the Thailand BJJ/Grappling Open but this can change. More info to come!

In case I have made a mistake on the calendar, please let me know so that I can make the correct changes.



(26) CDHK, Gi Open Tournament + black-belt-absolute (Hong Kong)
(27) CDHK, No-Gi Open Tournament + Andre Galvao/Eduardo Telles Seminar (Hong Kong)
*info: HERE

(26-27) All Japan Championship (Hikarigaoka Gymnasium)

(last week) John Will Seminar (Malaysia, KDT Academy)
*rate: KDT-members 300/550 RM, non-members 350/650 RM

(3-4) Pan Asians BJJ Gi & No-Gi International (PH)
*Registrations and payments are due by Wednesday April 30.
*Venue : SM Mall of Asia, Music Atrium
*info: HERE

(5) Rickson Gracie Cup (
Hamamatsu Arena, JP)
*info: HERE

(9-10) Abu Dhabi International Jiu-Jitsu Cup

info: HERE

(25) Dumau Kimonos BJJ International Cup (Nagoya-Aichi, JP)

(TBA) Southeast Asian Grappling Games (Bangkok)

(TBA) Dela Riva Cup (JP)

(5-8) Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu IBJJF World Championship (JP)

(14) Synergy Jiu-Jitsu Championship II (Jakarta)(gi)

(17) Dumau Kimonos BJJ Championship (Kita-Kanto, JP)

(27-28) Thailand BJJ/Grappling Open (tentative title)
*info: more to be announced as details confirmed but dates are definite

(TBA) 1st Asia Pacific Champions Cup Gi & No-Gi
*Winners of the Absolute / Advanced divisions will receive trophies
*Dates and venue to be confirmed ( Tentative date is Early October)

*info: HERE

(25-26) Japan Open Championships (Budokan in Aichi Prefecture, JP)

(29-30) 4th Indonesian Submission Championship (Jakarta)(open: gi/no-gi)

(29-30) Campeonato Asiatico (Tokyo, JP)

(13-14) Philippine BJJ International Open Gi & No-Gi (PH)
*Venue : SM Mall of Asia
*Registrations and payments due by Wednesday December 10
*info: HERE

(21) Dumau Kimonos BJJ Japan Cup (Saitama, JP)

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