I just got done with a detox to rid myself of toxins and some added weight I've accumulated from the holiday season. While I'm still a ways away from my ideal weight, I do feel better and hope to keep myself disciplined when it comes to the drinkin' and good food. In addition to the note taking and training routine I've really looked at my eating habits and hope to make some positive changes this coming year. I am not blessed with super-drive metabolism like a lot of my friends who can eat whatever they want and it doesn't collect on the love-handles. So, I can either be disciplined about my diet or become Luis 'Big Mac' Teodoro, haha.

So, with that said I will be heading to Korea this coming week for family holiday. It's the Thai New Year (Songkran Festival) so I'm getting out of town! It will not be an easy task but with Copa De Hong Kong the following weekend upon my return, I will need to practice some hardcore self-restraint. I love the soju and love even more the bulgogi, bimbimbop, japjae and whatever else that's got kimchi and meaty-goodness. Wish me luck, haha.

During my travels, there probably won't be much to post (picture-wise) as I will be away from the computer but I hope to visit at least one BJJ club while in Seoul. Not sure which one as it'll depend on my schedule. If so, I will be sure to have a report of my experience when I get back to Bangkok.

There are a few things in the works that may come up. Again, waiting on some interviews to pan through but am working on a new addition to the blog. I was thinking of adding a 'technique' section to the blog where I upload a video of a particular technique from our resident files for everyone to share. Hopefully, this will spur some discussion on the matter and act as a starting point to learn from each other. Not sure how often I'd post these but will see what's possible and go from there. There's a ton of stuff on youtube that can be posted but I'd like to be a little more focused and am working with the guys here in Bangkok to do that.

Another bit of news, I am working on more promotional material for the blog + BJJ in general such as t-shirts and patches. If things go well, I will be offering these for sale at events that I attend as well as using them as 'thank yous' for your participation with the blog. Please note, I will use discretion as to what amount of help constitutes a free-gift, mind you this is coming from my own pocket and I don't have any sponsors, haha.


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