While listening to this past week's fightworks podcast, I heard about this free online database-site for tournaments in the US/Canada/International. So I was excited to check it out since it's been an eye-opening experience for me in learning of all the events going on in Southeast Asia. Unfortunately, when I clicked on Asia (Japan, Korea, China & Thailand) there was nothing posted. Of course this is a new site and it's just getting started, just like BJJ-ASIA this past September. Again, to help promote all of us here I will update the site with what I have but I encourage everyone to check it out. This doesn't mean that I will stop updating the calendar here, it's just another avenue for exposure and promotion of our events. *note: I have made a request to the site that they add more countries to represent SEA.

Another element that I quite like is that for those of us that travel, we can check the area we are going to for upcoming events. Perhaps there's a seminar in the next town or a local tournament the weekend you are visiting your sister in (?)wherever.

link: http://icompete.org/

Other news, the Pedro Sauer seminar took place this past weekend in Beijing. Unfortunately video was not allowed but anyone who attended, please send your pics here so I can post for everyone to see. It doesn't have to be a live-action shot, just you and Prof. Sauer would be great. Write a quick sentence of your experience.

9 Days left for the gi-poll and still Atama is in the lead! Nothing against Atama, I have two myself. It's cool to see what everyone likes and if you're interested in putting your opinions online, check out this site: http://gireviews.com/. I've posted on this site my thoughts on several gis that I have owned and just like BJJ-ASIA, the more people share, the better the site can be. This is for those of you, myself included, that geek-out on all things BJJ. Of course this gi or that gi won't make me a better fighter but it's an interest I have.

I'd also like to see more participation on the forum about ideas for upcoming articles, interviews, or general ramblings. Other than the few guest authors here, it's just my voice so let's here what you guys have to say about things.


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