from: Stephen Kamphius

I got some congratulatory news to share with everyone.

Firstly, Nicolai 'The Geeza' Holt for winning both his division + the absolute at the recent Europeans in Portugal. Next we have Hiro Kitamura from Team Fabricio taking 2nd place in his division. Both of these fine competitors representing the SEA BJJ/grappling scene.

Another bit of news is that both Nicolai and Hiro are the very first in SEA to be registered referees under CBJJ, having completed a course while in Portugal. This is very positive news for the region as this can only benefit the growth of the sport and quality of reffing in our competitions.

These guys deserve our congratulations for not just their win but commitment to the sport.

Nicolai 'The Geeza' Holt

Hiro Kitamura

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