Yesterday was a great jiu-jitsu day for those who attended the seminar with Ricardo Liborio. I haven't loaded the pics but will do so soon, along with a recap. A good number of us got to roll with the man himself and all I have to say is 'pressure'. ughhh

I hope everyone in Manila had a great time at the tournament. Looking forward to seeing some pics + results from the event. I'm more than happy to post. Sorry I couldn't be there but my personal schedule is pretty limited this season due to work.

Everyone, thanks again for voting on the gi-poll. Still looking for more votes but if I see the numbers stop, I'll cut short the deadline and review the results. So far it looks as though Atama is the SEA favorite so far. I'm curious to know whether this is a matter of taste, distribution or marketing.

I still have some interviews on their way and am working on some articles. Hope to finish them soon when a day opens up for me to write. + I got a suggestion from one of BJJ-ASIA's forum members to create a section for discussion and exchange on injuries/trauma/recovery from training. Check it out here and share with us your experience. HERE


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