Here are the final results of BJJ-ASIA's first poll on 'What is your favorite gi brand?' With 113 votes, ATAMA is the most popular brand in Southeast Asia. Just short 6 votes, Koral comes in 2nd place and Keiko in 3rd. Thanks to everyone who participated in the poll.

Again, the reasons one person likes this brand over the other can be quite subjective but what I hope this information helps me to understand better is how we as a community are being marketed to and to improve upon the choices we have. KDT in Malaysia have been working to produce their own gi and several clubs in China are using their local resources to produce gis as well. It's something to think about.

I'm doing my own research and own several brands (Atama, Koral, Keiko, KF, HCK, Faixa Preta, Ouano). A number of them need to be retired and it's these gis that I donate to the club for visitors to wear or on the occasion someone forgets their own. Speaking of, the JJFJ have a charity program that takes used gis for under-privleged children training jiu-jitu. If you're interested, check it out HERE. I believe there are more charity programs involving BJJ but will post those later. -Luke

31 (27%)
37 (32%)
19 (16%)
16 (14%)
6 (5%)
6 (5%)
13 (11%)
18 (15%)

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