A lot of positive things are happening here in SEA for BJJ and it's exciting to see the community grow. Now we can see there is a growing number of purple-belts and soon brown as well. As the numbers get larger I think we all have a responsibility to set an example for the upcoming generation of BJJ-ers. I know that in the Philippines and Indonesia, there is a healthy children's program. What's more impressionable than a young kid coming to BJJ class where he/she can learn not just a martial art but gain self-respect, discipline and a healthy sense of sportsmanship. I came to the sport as a young adult, actually on my 25th birthday having decided the lifestyle I was living was very very unhealthy. To make a long story short, after 3+ years I was inspired to start this blog, teach as a means to better articulate and understand what I know and ultimately create an environment where people can excel.

I really hope all of this doesn't come off as being preachy but with Prof. Liborio's visit this past week, I really see what a great example he is as a leader/teacher/fighter. A man who wears many hats, it was a great pleasure to hear his thoughts on BJJ and MMA. So again, I am inspired not just to benefit myself but those around me.

Again, I appreciate everyone taking time to vote in the gi-poll and for your comments.

Just a quick reminder: I will have pics + recap of the recent seminar here, interviews are still on their way and results too. There are some things developing but I won't say till they're confirmed. As for the coming month, we've got some big big seminars comin'! Pedro Sauer in Beijing this 7-8! The Lordz of Pain BJJ tournament in Singapore on the 30th! A TBA seminar with Leo Viera in Seoul, Korea and John Will the last week of April at KDT. Keep checking the calendar as I am updating it as we go.


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