Lately I've been feeling a little beat-up with my work routine, training and entertaining out-of-town guests. I have to remind myself that I can't go 100% a 100% of the time, I'll just burn-out. There was a time, before I got married haha, that I was training 6 days a week. That lasted about a month and a half, hehe. Everything has it's time and we all have our responsibilities and priorities to keep straight. With that said, taking a day or two off training has not only helped me to recover physically, it's helped me to return to training with clarity.

Another thing that I've realized is that I've been fixated too much on the details of my notes and haven't really given myself the time to just take it one step at a time. It's a great exercise to hilight your weak points but you can't train everything at once. Pick and choose the areas that you want to work on and be just as specific with who you train with. It doesn't do much good to try a brand-spankin' new move on a guy that is the same level or better than you are. 'Oh, I just learned this great guard-pass, perhaps I'll go try it on Jacare.' By starting with a partner that is a lower level than you (skill-wise), you have more opportunity to practice what you want without having to think too much about defense. In time, as your confidence and timing improve it would make sense to begin applying it to higher belts or those equal to your skill.

Overall, I have to say that I am a very lucky guy as I have a spouse that understands my need for BJJ. On average I train 4 times a week with and additional private or open-mat session. I do however schedule it as much as I can while she is doing her own thing so that our free-time coincides with each other. It also helps that when I return from training, I am in the best mood ever. I may not have done well that day but just the time spent on the mat really helps my stress level and overall mood.

I guess my point here is to just take a moment to enjoy what you do so that the time and energy spent doesn't feel wasted. The majority of the time it may feel like a struggle but it's a part of your journey and in the end, we'll probably cherish the experience over the reward.


***REMINDER: Don't forget this month will finish with the
"Lordz of Pain" Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu/Grappling Tournament in Singapore. Also coming up this April: Copa De Hong Kong 2, John Will seminar and Fabricio Martins seminar. Please check the calendar for details. If I'm missing anything I'd appreciate the notice.

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