Here's the updated calendar. Just a reminder that the SEA Grappling Games have been postponed till June but still no confirmed date. Also, two dates in Jakarta have been confirmed for June and November of this year.

I want to wish everyone the best of luck at the Philippine Gi & No-Gi Nationals in Manila this weekend. Please share your photos and comments about the event!

Ricardo Liborio seminar this Sunday at EMAC. Very excited for this and I will be sure to report with pics and hopefully a few comments from Ricardo.



(1-2) Philippine Gi & NO-Gi Nationals (Manila)
*Venue : SM Mega Mall , Ground Floor Building A
*Registrations and payments are due by : Wednesday 27 Feb
*Open to all Teams & Independent players
*info: HERE

(2) Ricardo Liborio Seminar (EMAC, Bangkok)
contact: bjjasia@gmail.com

(7-8) Pedro Sauer Seminar!!! (Beijing, Black Tiger Academy)
*Prof. Sauer recently received his black-red belt from Relson Gracie!!!
*rate: 1 day: 500RMB / 2 days: 800 RMB (open to all)

(30) "Lordz of Pain" Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu/Grappling Tournament (Singapore)
*promoted by: Alive Academy Singapore (LINK)
*info: HERE

(30) Central Championship (Budokan in Aichi Prefecture, JP)

(8) Leo Viera Seminar (Seoul, Korea)
*date still to be confirmed

(26) CDHK, Gi Open Tournament + black-belt-absolute (Hong Kong)
(27) CDHK, No-Gi Open Tournament + Andre Galvao/Eduardo Telles Seminar (Hong Kong)
*info: HERE

(26-27) All Japan Championship (Hikarigaoka Gymnasium)

(last week) John Will Seminar (Malaysia, KDT Academy)
*rate: KDT-members 300/550 RM, non-members 350/650 RM

(TBA) Prof. Frabicio Martins Seminar (Manila, Philippines)
info: HERE

(3-4) Pan Asians BJJ Gi & No-Gi International (PH)
*Registrations and payments are due by Wednesday April 30.
*Venue : SM Mall of Asia, Music Atrium
*info: HERE

(5) Rickson Gracie Cup (
Hamamatsu Arena, JP)
*info: HERE

(9-10) Abu Dhabi International Jiu-Jitsu Cup

info: HERE

(25) Dumau Kimonos BJJ International Cup (Nagoya-Aichi, JP)

(TBA) Southeast Asian Grappling Games (Bangkok)

(TBA) Dela Riva Cup (JP)

(5-8) Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu IBJJF World Championship (JP)

(14) Synergy Jiu-Jitsu Championship II (Jakarta)(gi)

(17) Dumau Kimonos BJJ Championship (Kita-Kanto, JP)


(TBA) 1st Asia Pacific Champions Cup Gi & No-Gi
*Winners of the Absolute / Advanced divisions will receive trophies
*Dates and venue to be confirmed ( Tentative date is Early October)

*info: HERE

(25-26) Japan Open Championships (Budokan in Aichi Prefecture, JP)

(29-30) 4th Indonesian Submission Championship (Jakarta)(open: gi/no-gi)

(29-30) Campeonato Asiatico (Tokyo, JP)

(13-14) Philippine BJJ International Open Gi & No-Gi (PH)
*Venue : SM Mall of Asia
*Registrations and payments due by Wednesday December 10
*info: HERE

(21) Dumau Kimonos BJJ Japan Cup (Saitama, JP)

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