Tiger Muay Thai

By: Ray Elbe

We had nearly 25 participants and another 10 spectators show up for BJJ
Black Belt Bobby Southworth's two day MMA seminar. Bobby a veteran of
both the UFC and PRIDE showed several techniques mastered at the
American Kickboxing Academy. He conducted the seminar free of cost to
all participants. He covered a Double/Single leg combination from
within the clench, as well as takedown defense. The second Day of the
seminar Bobby went over protection yourself from halfguard, sprawling
to take the back, and setting up Tony Desuza's Twister submission.

*Below is a SHORT video of the first day of the seminar. Unfortunatly
it only shows a glimpse of the seminar~~~>I'll have the full video
edited an on Youtube in a couple weeks*


Feb 7th and 8th Tiger Muay Thai offered another Free MMA Seminar
conducted by 7x UFC veteran Mike "Quick" Swick. Swick covered several
MMA submisisons including his patented "Swick-O-tine" and
"Swick-Acanda" chokes. Assistant MMA instructor Wade Henderson competed
for the Bangla Stadium 82 Kilo Muay Thai championship belt on the night
of the 8th. Winning via TKO in the 4th round, Swick was brought into
the ring as the special presenter of the championship belt ;)


We also recently purchased South East Asia's first American
manufactured/imported MMA cage. Tiger Muay Thai is now home to a 27
foot, 7 sided cage.
www.sinisterangelcages.com is the manufacture of the cage. (they
produce the KOTC Midwest Cages)

...Currently I'm back in the states. Been training with Joe Riggs in
preparation to his upcoming StrikeForce battle against Pride Vet Joey

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