Yes, Ricardo Liborio coming to Bangkok is the big news I had mentioned this past week. Can't wait for him to get here and have the opportunity to learn from a BJJ legend.

Later this week I'll be able to talk about some developments with Copa De Hong Kong.

And...thought I'd let you guys know about Macau BJJ. Check them out in the links section under China.

Finally, I have to announce that the SEA Grappling Games in Bangkok will not take place this March. June will be the soonest time the tournament may happen but no dates have been confirmed. Sorry to those who were looking to make travel plans to Thailand for March but thanks for the e-mails.

MANILA TOURNAMENT DUES!!! *Registrations and payments are due by : Wednesday 27 Feb

That's it for now.



BigMac said...

We are very sorry to hear that the grappling games will be postponed. We have TEAM MMA Phuket already training for the next SEA Games and several more guests showing up to participate. Disappointing news.
Was there a reason for the cancellation? www.tigermuaythai.com

LUKE said...

There's no specific reason that I know of for the change of date. There could be come schedule conflict with the venue.

Sorry to disappoint you guys but hope to see you there in June.