It's always nice to get back to my training routine and shed all that extra-stuff from sitting on my ass while traveling. I do what I can to watch a lot of BJJ tournament footage to work on visualizing the movements and scenarios. I'll admit I enjoy watching tournament footage. My cardio may suffer from the lack of training but at least I feel strong positionally. I guess the other thing that goes when not training is my timing and flow. Give it a week or so and I should be good to go.

Anyways, besides my training woes there have been some new developments. The gi-poll has been doing well and I appreciate everyone's input. Please continue to take part. My motive for putting this up is to educate myself on what the SEA public wants. We can't help that prices go up + shipping costs + customs. What we can do is recognize what we like and what works for us and hopefully, in the future, supply something that is ours. So please, take part in the cause.

I also have some interviews in the works but they may take a little time. Trust me, I think it'll be worth the wait. Again, if you guys feel there is someone in your community that is making a real contribution to SEA BJJ, please let me know. Take the time to interview them and let us know what they are up to. For instance, how many black-belts are there in SEA? Let me know!

I hate being a tease but there could be some potentially big news for BJJ in Bangkok, Thailand but I won't say anything until it's confirmed.

Shoot me an e-mail as I'm always up for suggestions. I have some friends who will be competing in the Pan Ams in a few weeks. I want to wish them the best. If anyone is going, please take some pics to share on the blog! We also have some big tournaments coming up this season so looking forward to hearing from all of you on those as well.

Safe Training!



Wmac1 said...

Magical Ray Elbe, trained under Lotus Club's Juliano Prado (No Limits Gym) Los Angeles is the head trainer at Tiger Muay Thai and MMA Training Camp.We get a lot of Brown and Black Belts in BJJ that come to train at the camp that are quite impressed with Ray's skills; not only in BJJ, but as a MMA Instructor.
Magical Ray is mostly MMA (No-Gi)but is a fantastic BJJ trainer. And don't forget Alex B. at Bangkok Fight Club.

LUKE said...

Thanks for the added info. I'm working on a database for those permanent to semi-permanent in SEA.