I know it can be a rather subjective matter when it comes to which gi you like best. Factors like body-type, fabric choices, weight, production details and fashion can all come into play. And not that there can be a single gi that is loved by all. That is not my intention but I am curious to know what the SEA community favors. I noticed some trends when I go from place to place. Japan for instance has it's own market of gi's that don't make it overseas too often. Brands like Isami, Lutador, Reversal, Adjust and Dumau are some that I've seen. And now in the States, Lucky Gi's (OTM) are getting a certain amount of attention but any of these gis are costing around $150-200+ USD.

I know there are some individuals out there that have gone ahead and produced gis for their local market and that's great. Nothing against the established brands but the cost of living and general expenses is quite different than in the US or Japan. So to spend 'x' amount dollars for a gi can be difficult for some. And with the aim of promoting and helping the sport to grow, it would be great to address the community here.

So if you geek-out on things like this, just as I do, take a moment and make yer vote. The poll will be open for roughly a month from now.


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