Fransino Tirta was nice enough to take some time to talk about his recent victory in Bali.

First congratulations on your performance this past December. Could you give us a playback of the fight as you saw it?

I started the fight carefully, i followed what my coach has been telling me to do, "take him down, immediately", so immediately i setup my takedown with punches, as soon as i got the takedown i was too anxious to finish the fight by throwing punches without paying attention to my position. I hit him several times with punches and knees, but he managed to stand up. As we clinched i manage to hit him with a right hook, that moment i knew i was faster and hit harder than him, so i changed my gameplan to bang with him. When we banged i connected several times with my right and left hooks, then my combination of right uppercut and left hook knocked him down, immediately i followed with ground and pound, i hit him four times in the face before the referee stopped the fight.

What kind of preparation did you go through for the fight and how did you feel going into it?

At first i didnt do any special preparation, i train once a day after i get back from my day job, but then i realized that my current preparation is not enough, so i followed my coach to bali two weeks before the fight to do special preparation. This special preparation consisted of two times a day training, i dont have to do anything but training, so i can give my best at training.

Did this differ from your previous fight due to the size difference? Stylistically do you think this match up played to your favor?

Yes, its very different from my previous fight due to the size difference. I'm used to fight someone bigger and taller than me. Well the fact that i won means the match up played to my favor.

What are your plans for the coming year?

I don't have anything planned for the next year but Art Of War FC wants me to fight again, so we'll see.

Another congratulation is due for your performance at the Indonesian Submission Championship. Could you tell us how that was for you?

The Indonesian Submission Championships sponsored by Djarum Super are a great experience for me, i love submission grappling because it's more safe and fun than MMA. Thank goodness the Indonesian Submission Championship 2007 was a month away from Battle on Bali so i prepared my conditioning for both competitions at the same time.

Will you be just as active in the grappling circuit along with MMA?

I think i'll be more more active in the grappling circuit because right now i have students who wants to compete in submission grappling, so i have to prepare them. Also, MMA is very demanding for my time and energy but the payment is very low, so MMA is not my priority now.

What would you like to see happen in South-East Asia concerning MMA?

I would like to see more MMA competitions in SEA, and that MMA fighters here can have a decent salary.

Any comments you'd like to share with those out there?

I like to thank my coach Niko Han for giving me a hard time in training, the harder time he gave me, the easier the fight went. I also like to thanks Andreas Hesselback for accepting the fight and giving such a great show, i know he'll come back stronger and i wish him luck in the future.

*Fransino Tirta is a purple-belt in BJJ and represents Synergy Jiu-Jitsu (Indonesia). His current MMA record is 13-0-1.

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