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This past weekend, Kowloon BJJ held a local tournament for those in the Hong Kong area. On average, students get perhaps one to two opportunities to compete unless they are capable of traveling to neighboring countries. It's great to see efforts being made to produce smaller events that give more opportunity to comp experience and a chance to improve. Win or lose, competition is always an opportunity to learn and inspire you to train harder. -Luke

- Pluma Under

Blue Belt
Champ : Leo Lui (KLN BJJ)
2nd : Nuno Santos (Macau)

White Belt
Champ : kwong (GB HK)
2nd : Cyrus Yu (GB HK)

- Pena Blue Belt
Champ : Ryu Masao (KLN BJJ)
2nd : Henry Chan (GB HK)

White Belt
Champ : Daniel Thomas (Kylin BJJ)
2nd : Tom (KLN BJJ)

- Levi Blue Belt
Champ : Benny #2 (KLN BJJ)
2nd : Hoin (KLN BJJ)

White Belt
Champ : Steve (KLN BJJ)
2nd : Danilo Joctino (Macau)

- Medio Blue Belt
Champ : Justin (Kylin BJJ)

White Belt
Champ : Williams (Impakt)
2nd : Luis Serafim (Macau)

- Meio Pessado White Belt
Champ : Micheal Kwok (Kylin BJJ)
2nd : Victor (KLN BJJ)
- Pessado White Belt
Champ : Stan Seto (Kylin)

- Pesadisimo Blue Belt
Champ : Patric Goodwin (Macau)

- Abosolute Blue Belt
Champ : Patric Goodwin (Macau)
2nd : Justin (Kylin BJJ)

White Belt
Champ : Daniel Thomas (Kylin)
2nd : Stan Seto (Kylin)

Congrats chapms, good jobs!!

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