I just wanted to give everyone a heads-up as to what I've been working on lately. If you haven't checked already, please take a look at the calendar post where you can find the new tournament and seminars dates. There will be more to come but so far this is where it's at: HERE. Please note, we've got some big names coming to Southeast Asia and if you have any opportunity to visit any of these locations, it's highly recommended. Pedro Sauer for example will be in Beijing this coming March. For those who aren't familiar, he is the only person to receive all his belts from Rickson Gracie, and just recently was awarded his red-black belt from Relson Gracie. This is an honor that is only give to a select few.

It may take a little time but I have two interviews along with an article on their way. Provided I can put everything together before my next trip, I hope to have at least one of these up by the end of the week, haha.

I will be out of town again but this time around I hope to get some mat time in. I won't say where I'm going but you'll have to wait for the post.

I've been surfing a number of the sites out there and see information that would be great to post on the site here. Again, please don't hesitate to contact me to help promote an event or whatever. As long as it relates to the interest of the blog, which is BJJ and related sports in Asia, then it's cool.

Hope you're all well.


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