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Portuguese is as foreign to me as when I first started training outside of the occasional word like 'omoplata'. Even so, I have to come across two sources that recently deal with this language gap in BJJ terminology. As mentioned in Stephen Kamphius' article on training/competing in Brazil, an understanding of the basics is a must.

While I know there are multiple names of the same move, I thought I'd share these two references and hopefully start a log of terminology we can all share. Whether you find it applicable or not, I believe it to be a part of BJJ culture. One that I am guilty of not knowing better.

Taken from Bill Koplitz's blog, "words words words" is a list he's compiled. Bill resides in Porto Alegre, Brazil having moved from London.

Parts of the Body:
Hips: Quadril (!)
Throat: Garganta
Neck: Pescoço
Foot: Pé
Head: Cabeça
Shoulder: Ombro
Knees: Joelhos
Toes: Dedos do pé
Calf (The muscle not the baby cow):
Arm: Braço
Belly: Barriga
Hand: Mão
Costas: Back
Elbow: Cotovelo
Shoulder Blade: Omo plata (I’ve done some searching on this but am not 100%)

Postional Stuff:
Posture: Postura (!)
Escape the Hips: Fugir de Quadril
All Fours: Vira De Quatro
Arm Bar: Arm(y) Lock(y)
Knee Bar: Leg(y) Lock(y)
Foot Lock: Chave de pe.
Americana: Americana
Kimura: Kimura
Side Control: Cem kilos
Guard: Guarda
Mount: Montada
Choke: Estrangulamento
Triangle: Triângulo
Rear Naked Choke: Mata-Leão
To Roll: Roll (Pronounced “Hole”)
Pushup: Flexão
Situp: Abdominal (?)
Grips: Pegadas
Queda: A throw
Hook: Gancho
Puxe: Pull. This one is a bit tricky, it sounds like “poo-shay” , so you would think it means push. It doesn’t.
Empurre: Push. “em poo hey” Like Spanish.
Saida: Escape
Sweep: Raspar
Clock: Relogio
Wristlock: Mäo de Vaca
Half-Guard: Meia Guarda
Encinma: Above, on top of
Debaixo: Below, beneath.

Colors and Kit:
Belt: Faixa
Sleeve: Manga
Collar: Gola
Mat: Tatame
White: Branco
Blue: Azul
Purple: Roxa
Brown: Marron
Black: Preta

The second source that I've come across recently is from the podcast show, The Fightworks Podcast. Alex Brandao, a Fabio Santos black-belt, is interviewed and gives several examples of phrases and terminology you'll likely hear from the sidelines during competition.

I will post this list to the BJJ-ASIA FORUM so that is can grow and improve.

Thanks to both Bill and Caleb for the references.



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