Ralph Go from Newbreed Philippines was kind enough to report on the recent seminar with Mike Fowler, Loyd Irvin black-belt and ADCC competitor. Mike has competed with some of the very best, having beaten such greats as Saulo Ribeiro and now teaches in Guam. -Luke

submitted by: Ralph Go
We recently had mike fowler teach a 2 day seminar in Newbreed Philippines. Participants came from different gyms in Manila as well as from overseas. Disaster struck during the 1st day due to the fact a coup attempt was happening in the heart of the Philippine’s financial district. This made it extremely difficult to get around due to traffic and many couldn’t make it to the seminar. Nevertheless , the seminar still pushed through with Mike showing many of his trademark no gi half guard sweeps several he used to sweep jiu jitsu stars such as Andre galvao and Marcelo garcia. What makes mike’s instruction so special is he shows moves he has used to beat some of the best.

The gi seminar followed the day after the Bjj open competition, Mike continued to demonstrate more of his trademark half guard game that he is well known for. In addition to this, Mike broke down his knee cut through pass which he has used to break down the guards of Saulo, Luke Stewart and Igor gracie to name a few. Mike showed so many details to this basic white belt pass to make it as efficient as possible that left many of the attendees stumped and scratching their heads. After the seminar, we realized that Mike’s moves are just that: basics performed as efficiently as possible.

This was actually, mike’s 2nd seminar in Manila the first showing many of his trademark moves as well such as half guard triangle, gripping system and brabo chokes. After the seminar mike rolled with everybody in attendance and amazed everybody with his approach and brand of jiu jitsu. Mike now residing in guam, assured he will come back to have another seminar here in Manila. Certainly everyone is most welcome to attend.

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