Direct from Manila, we have a report from Carlos Paredes on both the recent MMA event 'Ring of Fire' and an impromptu black-belt seminar held at Gracie Barra Philippines. -Luke


155lbs & Under: Even Dunham def. Cleber Luciano by Submission (Front Choke)
185lbs & Under: Kyacey Uscola def. Jorge "Macaco" Patino by Unanimous Decision
205lbs & Under: Mike Whitehead def. Daniel Serafian by Unanimous Decision
Heavyweight: Ricco Rodriguez def. Kevin Filal by TKO (Low Kicks)
Women 130lbs & Under: Tonya Evinger def. Kat Alendal by Submission (Cross Arm Lock)

Team Shamrock wins 5-0


155lbs & Under: Koji Oishi def. Karen Darabedyan by Unanimous Decision
185lbs & Under: Yuki Kondo def. August Wallen by Unanimous Decision
205lbs & Under: Renato "Babalu" Sobral def. Rodney Faverus by Submission (Side Choke)
Heavyweight: Jeff Monson def. Hakim Gouram by Unanimous Decision

Women 130lbs & Under: Ginele Marquez wins by Forfeit

Team Barnett wins 5-0

Yesterday's mma event 'ring of fire' was just awesome! it was just so star studded. From the announcers, to the referee, to the coaches all the way to the fighters they were all big names. Here let's see if i can drop some of those names to make u guys drool: Ken Shamrock, Royce and Royler Gracie, Heat Hearing, Razor Rob Mccullough, Josh Barnett, Mario Yamasaki, Kimo, Jeff Monson, Renato Babalu Sobral, Yuki Kondo, Amanda Buckner, Gokor...

here are the results of the team elimination round:
Team Shamrock defeats team Gracie
Team Barnett defeats team Gokor

Team Shamrock will face Team Barnett hopefully in macau sometime in the near future.

It was such a big event but I wish that they would have spent more time promoting it. I am sure that a lot of people from the nearby countries would have flown in if the knew about it.


So as I mentioned there were a lot of big name mma fighters and bjj black belts walking around town during the last few days because of the big mma production "ring of fire" that took place here yesterday. We were lucky enough to hook up with some of the fighters of team Gracie. Three of these fighte
rs under team Gracie (3 Bjj black belts) decided to give us a last minute seminar at our Gracie Barra academy here in manila last Friday. It was so last minute that they had to borrow gear from us to wear. You'll know what I mean when you see in the picutres that one of them is wearing "paquiao" shorts! LOL... The 3 brazilian bbs were Cleber Luciano http://www.cleberjiujitsu.com/, jorge 'macaco' patino http://www.macacogoldteam.com.br/ and the youngest of the three Daniel Sarafian.

The three of them took turns showing us some of their favorite moves. Most
of the techniques they showed were sweeps and chokes against the turtle. One of the chokes we learned was some sort of modified brabo/anaconda choke. It was really cool. They each took the time to see that all the techniques were learned properly.

At the end of the seminar all 3 invited us to stay and train at their houses and academies in California and Sao Paolo.

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