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2007 Philippine International Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Open
This year’s competition was the toughest yet with some of the best competitors coming from the Philippines and the SEA region. There where many close fought matches, the standard of the competitors and the competition itself is getting better at each event. The standard of competitors, location organization and the number of competitors make this event one of the region’s premiere competitions.

There where many outstanding performances on the day, and special mention should go to Sebastian D. Bangkok Fight Club, Michael Carbullido Team Guam, Bert Sunico Philippines, and Gully Go from the Philippines. Each of these competitors where contenders for the most AGIP Most Technical Fighter Award but the referees decided that Alexander Sulit of New Breed Philippines demonstrated the skills required to take out this prestigious award.

Bert Sunico was awarded his Blue Belt on the day after winning the White Belt Absolute division. He followed up this win the following day by taking out the Basic Absolute division in the 2007 Philippine International Grappling Challenge.

DAY 1:
Team results: (Note: Children’s divisions are not included in the team points)

1st Place Team Team Kamphuis – Fabricio 142 points
2nd Place Team New Breed Philippines 81 points
3rd place Team Team Guam 54 points
4th Place Team Team Thailand 27 points

AGIP Most technical Fighter award
Alexander Sulit New Breed Philippines

U 35 kg

1st Martin Eala (Team Fabricio)
2nd Zach Amin (Team Fabricio)
3rd Jason Amin (Team Fabricio)
3rd Patrick Mapano (Team Fabricio)

35 – 45kg
1st Liam Aguilar (Gracie Barra)
2nd Paulo Magpano (Team Fabricio)
3rd Joaquin Eala (Team Fabricio)
3rd Chance Chung (Team Fabricio)

Over 40kg
1st Leandro Valenzuela (Gracie Barra)
2nd Moira Mahiluin (Team Fabricio)
3rd Hikaru Kitamura (Team Fabricio)

1st Jenilon Musgueda (Team Philippines Judo - Fabricio)
2nd Nikki Ng (Team Fabricio)
3rd Jona Baquillas (Team Fabricio)
3rd Elizabeth Pueblo (Team Guam)

Under 60kg

1st Akira Kitamurra (Team Fabricio)
2nd Michael Luma (Gracie Barra)
3rd Aileen Wong (Team Guam)

60.1 – 67kg
1st Ken Noda (Team Fabricio)
2nd JR Santos (New Breed)
3rd Dahryl Lucero (Team Philippines Judo – Fabricio)
3rd Sean Vergel De Dios (New Breed)

Over 67kg
1st Michael Carbalido Carlson Gracie – (Team Guam)
2nd Edgardo Aleyayda (Team Philippines Judo – Fabricio)
3rd Neil Ferreira (Team Fabricio)
3rd Clifton Nededog (Carlson Gracie – Team Guam

Under 79kg + 35 years

1st Gully Go (New Breed)
2nd Jofer Basada (Onigatame Judo)
Ian Ampongan (Team Fabricio)
3rd Bueon Jang Won (Team Fabricio – Korea)

Over 79kg
1st Mark Simmerman (Emac Thailand)
2nd Wilson Buen (Team Fabricio)
3rd Noel Ang (Team Fabricio)

U 60kg

1st Vincent Cortez (New Breed)
2ndAkira Kitamura (Team Fabricio)
3rdJoseph Chui (Submission Sport – Fabricio)
3rFred Lim (Grace Barra Philippines

60.1 – 65 kg

1st Carlo Penna (New Breed)
2nd Rency Calueto (Alliance – Fabricio)
3rdJR Santos (New Breed)
3rdPaul Jahn (Team Fabricio – Taiwan)

65.1 - 72kg
1st Michael Carbullido (Team Guam)
2ndLance Laird (New Breed)
3rdMacky Siazon (New Breed)
3rdAlexander Esteves (Team Guam

72.1 - 79kg
1stClaude Santos (Alliance – Fabricio)
2ndJoshua Quenga (Team Guam)
3rdJaguar Tang (Team Fabricio)
3rdMiles Jenkinson (Team Fabricio)

79.1 – 88 kg
1st Wilson Buen (Team Fabricio)
2nd Jed Baluyot (Submission Sport - Fabricio)
3rd Gilbert Ombao (Team Fabricio)
3rd Steve Shimizu (Team Guam)

88.1 – 98 kg
1st Neil Fereira (Team Fabricio)
2nd Arnold Arnulz (Team Fabricio)
3rd Mac Macalintal (Team Fabricio)
3rd Noel Ang (Team Fabricio

Over 98.1 kg
1st Gary Gudioc (New Breed)
2nd Wendal Ponferreda (New Breed)
3rd Manny Jimenez (Team Fabricio)

1st Bert Sunico (Team Fabricio)
2nd Mike Tabamo (Gracie Barra)
3rd Jaguar Tang (Team Fabricio)
3rd Jan Cortez (New Breed

60 – 65 kg

1st Erwin Tagle (Team Fabricio)
2nd Miguel Ayuyu Carlson Gracie –Team Guam
3rd Ken Noda Team Fabricio
3rd Dino Montalbo Gracie Barra

65.1kg – 72 kg
1st Gully Go (New Breed)
2nd Beong Jang Won (Team Fabricio – Korea)
3rd Erwin Cuarltero (Gracie Barra Philippines)
3rd Carlos Mascardo (Gracie Barra)

72 .1 – 79kg
1st Javier Mireelez (Team Guam)
2nd Cliftion Nededog (Team Guam)
3rd Kazumasa Yoshimoto (Musen Japan)
3rd Archie Celebre (Team Fabricio

79.1 – 88kg
1st SD (Bangkok Fight Club)
2nd Mark Ng (Team Fabricio)
3rd Gabe Baker (Team Guam)
3rd Francis Lim (Team Fabricio)

88.1 – 98kg
1st John Jones (Team Fabricio – Taiwan)
2nd Ed Santos (Guhan Top Team Guam

98.1kg +
1st Dean Thomas (Kylin BJJ Hong Kong)
2nd Karl Medina (Team Fabricio)

1st Mark Simmerman (Bangkok Fight Club)
2nd John Jones (Team Fabrico)
3rd Karl Medina (Team Fabricio)
3rd Carlos Berganti (New Breed)

Under 79 kg

1st Luis Blanco (Team Guam)
2nd Ralph Go (New Breed)
3rd Kevin Hendriks (Team Fabrico)
3rd Gordon Preston (Team Fabricio

Over 79kg
1st Ali Sulit (New Breed)
2nd Fritz Rodriquez (Gracie Barra)
3rd Kevin Hendriks (Team Fabricio)
3rd Nicolai Holt (Team Fabricio

2007 Philippine International Grappling Challenge
The 2nd day of action on Sunday December 2 at the 2007 Philippine International Grappling Challenge was just as exciting as the first. Aside from many of the competitors backing up from the Saturday there where quite a few new competitors that had registered just for No Gi competition. This year there where three division for competitors , allowing new students the opportunity to compete solely against other White belts.

The divisions where Basic Division for white belts in BJJ or competitors with less than 24 months of Grappling experience.Intermediate for competitors that are Blue Belts in BJJ or have less than 48 months of Grappling experience.Advanced No Gi division for competitors that are Purple / /Brown belts or have over 48 months of Grappling experience.
This was a close day of competition, which is reflected in the Team results, Team Fabrico just managed to sneak past Team Guam to win the team title.
Once gain there where many stand out performances, special mention should go to the following players who where all considered for the AGIP Most Technical Fighter Award. Mark Simmerman, Joe Taimanglo who has twice won this award at the Pan Asians, Sebastian Desvignes and Nicolai Holt and of course Bert Sunicio who at only 65 kilos won the absolute division.But one performance stood above the rest with Luis Blanco awarded the AGIP Most Technical Fighter Award.

DAY 2:
Team results

1st Place Team Team Kamphuis – Fabricio 110 points
2nd Place Team Team Guam 98 points
3rd Place Team Team Thailand 24 points
4th place Team New Breed Philippines 18 points

AGIP Most Technical Fighter Award
Luis Blanco

Under 59kg

1st Akira Kitamura (Team Fabricio)
2nd Aileen Wong (Carlson Gracie – Guam)

59.1 – 66kg
1st Miguel Ayuyu Carlson Gracie – Guam
2nd Ken Noda Team Fabricio

66.1kg +
1st Clifton Nededog (Carlson Gracie Guam)
2nd Michael Carbullido (Carlson Gracie Guam)
3rd Aldo Vergel (New Breed)
3rd Michael Jayne (Gracie Barra)

Under 76kg

1st Gully Go (New Breed)
2nd Jaime Sin (Gracie Barra)
3rd Byeon Jan Won (Team Fabricio – Korea)
3rd Denis Eala (Team Fabricio)

Over 76 kg
1st Mark Simmerman (Emac Thailand)
2nd Mark Thailer (Team Fabricio)

Under 55 kg

1st Aileen Wong (Carlson Gracie Guam)
2nd Elizabeth Pueblo (Carlson Gracie Guam)
3rd Niki Ng (Team Fabricio)
3rd Marvic Matias (Team Fabricio)

U 62 kg

1st Mark Vergel (Alliance – Fabricio)
2nd Paul Jahn (Team Fabricio – Taiwan)
3rd Joseph Chua (Submission Sport – Fabricio)

62 – 69kg
1st Benjo Penzon (Alliance – Fabricio)
2nd Macky Siazon (New Breed)
3rd Mickey Ablan (Submission Sport – Fabricio)
3rd Alex Estevez (Team Guam)

69.1 – 76kg
1st Frederic Martinoli (United Grappling France)
2nd Joshua Quenga (Team Guam)
3rd Michael Carbullido (Carlson Gracie – Guam)
3rd Jaguar Tan (Team Fabricio)

76.1 – 85 kg
1st Adrian Hillana (Submission Sport – Fabricio)
2nd Chris Hernandez (Submission Sport – Fabricio)
3rd Aldo Vergel de Dios (New Breed)
3rd Jed Baluyot (Team Fabricio)

Over 85 kg
1st Many Jimenez (Team Fabricio)
2nd Neil Ferrera (Team Fabricio)
3rd Gary Gotidoc (New Breed)
3rd Wendal Ponterrada (New Breed)

1st Bert Sunico (Team Fabricio)
2nd Frederic Martilino (United Grappling France)
3rd Gilbert Ombao (Team Fabricio)
3rd Adolf Vidal (Alliance – Fabricio)

U 69kg

1st Joe Taimanglo (Team Guam)
2nd Carlo Tiongson (Alliance – Fabricio)
3rd Erwin Tagle (Team Fabricio)
3rd Jr Santos (New Breed)

69.1 – 76 kg
1st Javier Mirelez (Team Guam)
2nd Clifton Nededog (Team Guam)
3rd Jose Cutirez (Negros Top Team)
3rd Claude Santos (Alliance – Fabricio)

76.1 – 85kg
1st SD (Bangkok Fight Club)
2nd Mark Simmerman (Emac Thailand)
3rd Mark Ng (Team Fabricio)
3rd Froilin Sarenas (Team Fabricio)

Over 85 kg
1st Ciperano Madayag (Team Fabricio)
2nd Dean Thomson (Kylin BJJ Hong Kong)

1st Joe Taimanglo (Team Guam)
2nd Andy Mobbs (Bangkok Fight Club)
3rd Carlo Pena (New Breed)
3rd Claude Santos (Alliance – Fabricio)

Under 76kg

1st Luis Blanco (Team Guam)
2nd Gordon Preston (Team Fabricio)
3rd Jerome Lepiten (Gracie Barra)

Over 76 kg
1st John Jones (Fabricio – Taiwan)
2nd Gabe Baker (Team Guam)

1st Luis Blanco (Team Guam)
2nd Nicolai Holt (Cobrakai)
3rd Gordon Preston (Team Fabricio)
3rd Jerome Lepiten (Gracie Barra)

In conclusion it was a great couple of days of competition with an estimated spectator audience of over 4000 people for the two days.
We thank all the Teams and Coach’s for their support and look forward to our next International Comp the Pan Asians in the first week of May.
For Philippine residents we hope to hold the Philippine Brazilian Gi and No Gi Nationals in March.

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