I definitely consider myself fortunate as I had the opportunity to train at American Kickboxing Academy with Dave Camarillo, a Ralph Gracie black-belt. Dave is the author of Guerilla Jiu-Jitsu and is in the process of releasing another book that will focus on no-gi for MMA. It's tentatively schedule to release in July of 2008. Check it out at 'victory belt' publishings.

Dave is a decorated competitor in both judo and bjj, infamous for his flying armbars. I was particularly impressed with his ability to articulate jiu-jitsu in a very consumable way as well as his approach to teaching with a wholestic game in mind. Drill drill drill! Definitely a tough group of guys to train with as they had no problems showing me.

Just want to thank Dave and everyone at AKA for making me feel welcome and I hope to return the next time I'm in San Jose.



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