As I am sure everyone else will be taking time a way from work to spend with family and friends this holiday season, I will be no different. Family is coming to town from the US and with the last bit of work to get done before the holiday, it'll be quite hectic. Even so, there will be somethings to report before the year is out. An article: 'A guide to training & competing in Brazil' as well as an interview with black-belt, Daniel Otero are on their way.

For the coming New year, I will be in Shanghai, China visiting friends and hope to stop by Shanghai BJJ. I've been to China several times and with each visit there is something new to check out. I've been trying my best to get some tickets for the Olympic Games to watch judo this coming August 2008 but with no luck. Tickets through local agents sold out within the first month (November) and everything else is left to lottery. I wonder where I can scalp some judo tickets.

I will also be posting my thoughts on the past year along with plans for the new year in the next week or so.

Thank you everyone for your support and involvement with the blog. It's been great so far and looking to make this next year even better.


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