Besides having some technical difficulty with attaching youtube files and pics, I now have a chest-cold. I was able to train at AKA for two sessions and was planning on training at Ralph Gracie's academy in downtown San Francisco but now it may just be a visit to take some pics. I hope everyone is feeling better than I am at the moment. We've got a big tournament this coming weekend in Manila, along with the Mike Fowler seminar being held at Newbreed Philippines.

In addition to the events this weekend, I've been informed that Alive Japan has now opened an academy in Singapore under Setsuma (BJJ purple-belt). To inaugurate this beginning, they will be hosting Nova Uniao brown-belt, Makoto Ogasawara for the next week, December 2-18.

Again, best of luck to everyone competing in Manila and a congratulations to those who fought last week in Jakarta.


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