Well, I am still in California but am having trouble posting the items that I have to share. There is video/pictures from the recent seminar at Kowloon BJJ along with my own pictures taken at American Kickboxing Academy with Dave Camarillo. Ugghh. I even tried posting at the local Mac store but there's something kooky with youtube. Anyways, I will be posting these things as soon as I can but just wanted to let people know that I haven't run dry of info to share.

I spoke with some friends who competed in the tournament this past week in Jakarta. They said they had a great time and felt it was a completely different experience as the rules are set to push for constant action as points by position are negligible and submission is the goal. These same friends will be Manila this coming weekend and again, I am missing out. The best of luck to everyone and send me pics! I want to post pics of your victories, your friends victories and whatever else that happens when I'm not there.


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