I won't assume that everyone knows what Thanksgiving is but I'm sure the word will spread if it hasn't already. I can see American holidays like Halloween begin to find their way onto the Bangkok calendar, even if it's just another excuse to party. Anyways, I now find myself in the aftermath of a food induced coma after last nights Thanksgiving dinner in San Jose, CA. I'll be here for another week before heading back to Bangkok. Give me a day or so before I can begin training. I'm still sore from training in New York, hehe.

I'm sure most of you have locked in your schedules for the remaining tournaments and I want to wish everyone the best of luck. Besides comps in both Jakarta and Manila, we have a number of great seminars coming up as well. Please check out the calender to see dates and details. I also received more info on the John Will seminar in April 2008 (KDT), so check that out as well.

More pics and such to come. -Luke

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