The Bangkok seminar took place at EMAC on Surawong Rd. t
his past weekend, marking the final stop on a three-city tour of Asia (Hong Kong, Shanghai & Bangkok). With this being Prof. Telles' first trip to Asia it was also a first for a number of students to train and learn from one of the very best of today's active competitors. Famous for his unorthodox approach to the 'turtle-guard' and 'octopus-guard', Prof. Telles offered more than just a series of techniques. More so than anything, it was his attitude and approach to jiu-jitsu that made it such a great experience.

I feel everyone had a great time on and off t
he mat. I've included some pictures along with videos of Prof. Telles rolling with the students. (I apologize for the image quality as it was taken on my still-camera and not video) At the moment, I am transcribing the interview I had with him and will post as soon as that's ready.

I would like to thank once again, Prof. Telles for coming out to Asia and for his gen
erosity as a teacher throughout his stay. Special thanks goes out to Danny Hathiramani, the man who got this all started and to EMAC'S Niti Techottiasnee for his generous donation. To Mark 'vesuvius' Simmerman, keeping things going despite his hectic travel schedule, thank you all.




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