AMENDMENT! It looks as though the conditions for foreign teams to compete has changed from previous years. You will need to pre-register for membership with the BJJFJ and this will need to be renewed year by year. Depending on whether you can compete under a local team from Japan will effect the overall entrance cost + team cost.

According to our friends in Taiwan who've competed in the Japan Open, this only applies to clubs within Japan. Even so, I will keep everyone posted of any changes.

An BJJFJ ID-card is required prior to entering/competing in the Japan Open this December. For those competing from outside of Japan, group/team registration is required, including a 20,000 yen fee that will last from 2007-2009. (renewal fee is 10,000 yen)

Although a little off, here is the translated registration guide from BJJFJ: HERE

I think it's a great opportunity to compete in Japan's largest tournament and if any team needs additional help, please let me know. Within our network I'm sure we can help each other out. This only pertains to events sponsored by the BBJFJ.

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