Synergy Jiu-Jitu's own Fransino Tirta competed in China's premiere fighting league, Art of War, this past September 22, 2007. Matched with one of China's best at 72 kg, Fransino impressed the audience and it's promoter with his abilities. The fighter was kind enough to answer a few questions along with a personal recap of his experience.

LC: Could you tell us how you were introduced to MMA and or BJJ?

FT: I was introduced to MMA and BJJ the first time from watching the Ultimate Fighting Championship 1. I was amazed with that sport and knew that this sport is the real deal.

LC: What is your general feeling about the MMA scene in Indonesia and how does that compare to your recent experience in China?

FT: MMA in Indonesia was quite good, unfortunately the marketing and promotion of the events was bad. In China they are more professional, they really know how to promote their shows. China has the biggest market in the world, so I believe that their success is only a matter of time.

LC: Did you alter your training for this event and how did you feel coming into the fight? 

FT: Yes, I train harder especially in conditioning, too bad I had only 3 weeks to prepare myself. To tell u the truth, it has been a long time since my last fight, over 2 years. I don't want to get rusty, so as soon as there was an offer to fight, I took it. I felt confident to win the fight, but I guess every fighter feels the same way.

LC: Please give us a run through of the fight and your feelings about the judges' decision.

FT: The fight was hard and turned into slugfest. I completely forgot about my game plan and immediately looked for the KO, that was a bad idea because usually I fight smart. I had a friend who always said, "don't look for the KO, it is bad karma", I guess he is right this time. There were no judges so I have no comment on that.

LC: Where do you see the direction of the sport in South East Asia? 

FT: This sport will be the future entertainment in South East Asia. MMA is already a fascinating sport, the promoters of Art of War Fighting Championship are very professional and really know how to market their show, I'm sure it's just a matter of time until MMA becomes the mainstream of sport entertainment in South East Asia.

LC: Any words of wisdom for those with aspirations to enter the ring?

FT: MMA is the toughest sport and the fighters are the toughest athletes. There is no other sport as tough and demanding as MMA, so if you plan to enter the ring of MMA, you better make sure that you are ready for the toughest war of your life.

Beijing Report – Art Of War FC 8
September 30, 2007

I would like to thank all my students at Klub Ade Rai Muara Karang for helping me prepare myself for my fight in Beijing, to my coach Niko Han, and my teammates at Synergy Jiu-Jitsu, Hardian, Stanley, Rama and Andrew. Without their help my preparation would not have been this good. I would also like to thank all the friends in Indonesia that prayed for me and supported me for this fight. I would also like to apologize to my students, coach, and friends in Indonesia that I did not win, but believe me that I tried my utmost best to win this fight.

Before I left to Beijing I was 100% confident with my preparation. For 3 weeks I trained hard for this fight, I was confident that I would be the victor. At first I thought it would be just an average fight, but it turned out that not only wasn't it an average fight, but one of my toughest fights, and also an enlightenment for me.

The fight between Dai Shuang Hai and I was pretty exciting, we both traded blows … this was the first time I felt difficulty because he was moving well enough to dodge a lot of my punches. He successfully took me down several times, I was also able to get a reversal at one point. We fought until the end and neither of us got the KO, TKO or submission, so the fight was called a draw. To be honest, after the fight I felt I lost. If there had been judges he would have won because he took me down several times and achieve good positions on me.

I met the Art Of War Fighting Championship promoter, Andy. He is a Chinese that was born in Taiwan and grew up in the United States, so even though he is Chinese, the way he thinks is lot like an American. His vision is to popularize MMA in China. To achieve his goal, in 2005 he searched for the best fighters in China, his first step was to recruit 4 fighters from the land of Genghis Khan, Mongolia. These 4 fighters moved to Beijing where they were provided with accommodation, food, a salary, and training. To improve their Brazilian jiu-jitsu skills they brought in a black belt from Brazil, Pedro Schmall. For their stand-up skills they train San Da (Chinese kickboxing) with the Chinese national team. For their takedown skills they train with the Chinese national wrestling and Judo team, and for their strength and conditioning they hired a national weightlifting athlete who also will be performing in the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games. These are full-time fighter, which means their office is the gym. They train 2 times per day, 6 day per week, so you can just imagine the dedication and investment that Andy put into fulfilling his vision.

The day after the event I got to talk to Andy and he told me that he liked my fight and really wants me back for a rematch. He said that as a promoter, he does not care who wins as long as they are quality fights, meaning that as long as the spectators enjoy the fights. He asked me:

Andy: "Fransino, how was your preparation for your fight against Dai Shuang Hai?"

Me: "My preparation was 3 weeks of training."

Andy: "How many times did you train per day and how many days per week?"

Me: "One time per day and 6 days per week."

Andy: "Fransino, you have to understand that you just fought the best fighter in China. There is not one single fighter in the whole of China weighing 72kg that can defeat Dai Shuang Hai. I have prepared Dai Shuang Hai for over 2 years, all he does is train 2 times per day 6 days per week, eats and sleeps. You only had 3 weeks to prepare and only trained one time a day. Imagine you had 6 months to prepare and trained twice a day for 6 days a week, would you think the result of the fight would have been the same?"

Me: "Hmmm …"

Andy: "MMA is the toughest and most demanding sport that requires a very high level of dedication. MMA athletes are the toughest athletes, so if you want to be successful in MMA you have to work hard for it. MMA fighters are the modern day gladiators. I believe MMA will be the number one sport in the world. Let me give you the following analogy: Imagine a field where people are playing soccer, basketball, jogging, etc., and then beside this field there are two people fighting each other, what do you think would happen next? All the people playing soccer, basketball and jogging will stop playing, then someone will yell, "THERE IS A

FIGHT!!!", and all the people on the field will rush to watch these two guys fight, because by nature, humans are very attracted to fights."

So all this time I thought I trained hard, but it turns out not hard enough compared to these fighters in China. If I want to be successful in the Art Of War Fighting Championship organization I will have to train much harder. At the event there was a Korean fighter by the name of Jeong Ho Lee, he had a tattoo on his chest that said, "Don't lie to yourself", he said that a Buddhist monk told him this saying. He tattooed this saying on to his chest so that he always will be reminded not to lie to himself. When he lost a fight one time, he told himself that he will train harder so he will not loose again, but often he was lazy to train. With this tattoo he will always be reminded not to lie to himself and to train hard. For me, the meaning of this tattoo is very deep because to be honest, without noticing it, I often lie to myself.

The Art Of War Fighting Championship without a doubt will become the biggest MMA organization in Asia, outside of Japan. Since Pride Fighting Championship went bankrupt, there is a big chance that Art Of War FC will replace Pride FC as the biggest MMA organization in Asia. So for all the MMA fighters in Indonesia that are motivated to be serious in the field of MMA, you do not have to worry anymore because Art Of War FC are looking for lots of fighters in Asia, of course with good quality. Therefore I invite all MMA fighters in Indonesia to exchange ideas about Art Of War FC, so there might be chance that I can introduce you to the Art Of War FC. This was my report on Beijing, I hope you enjoyed it. Once again, I would like to thank you for all your support and prayers.

Fransino Tirta

Again, we want to thank Fransino for his time and congratulations on his recent promotion to purple-belt in BJJ. I am sure we will see a lot more from this exceptional fighter. -Luke

Fransino's blog: www.fransino.blogspot.com


herry said...

was a good fight

Pedro"Bebe"Schmall said...

I saw this fight on the AOW DVD and was a really nice show! Congrats to both fighters!