The patches are on their way and I hope to have them before I leave for the US. This way they can be represented at the upcoming tournaments in Jakarta and Manila. I will be sure post a pic of what they look like and figure some way to make them available online. The process is dye-sublimation, meaning the ink is infused into the fiber of the canvas. This way, there is no cracking or fading of the design. T-shirts are also in the works but that may take a bit longer.

I hope everyone is enjoying the article written by our local 'Vesuvius' on refereeing. Especially now that there are more established tournaments between Bangkok, Jakarta, Taipei, Hong Kong and Manila, it's important to address issues like this one. There will be more articles to come, written by guest authors as well as reports on future events. I encourage everyone to post comments regardless if you agree or disagree with the statements made. While the site is not set up as a forum, it would be great to see a dialogue on the subjects presented here.


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