Well I'm still amped from last weekend's seminar and am doing my best to make time to transcribe the interview with Prof. Telles. The pressure is on because in less than two weeks time, the South East Asia Grappling Games will be taking place here in Bangkok, October 20-21. It should be an exciting event as we have several clubs confirmed in and out of Thailand. I will definitely have a full report with pictures and hopefully more video to come. At the moment, my computer is left with just a single gig of memory but no worries, a new hard-drive is due to arrive Monday. Once installed, I can continue to post all the fight videos from the seminar along with a few back logged vids from Manila and Taiwan tournaments.

This blog has been a lot of fun to work on so far and I appreciate all the support from you guys. Unfortunately, I am not able to attend all the tournaments this year but I will have some help with teammates reporting on my behalf. I'm always looking for more teams/clubs to add to the link section so please notify me if you don't see your name up. I'm not ignoring you, I may not know of you guys yet. Everyone train hard and hope to see you on the mat.


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