Unfortunately, due to my work and travel schedule I will not be able to attend either tournaments in Jakarta or Manila, let alone the Japan Open. It's a real shame since I was looking forward to both as they look to be strong events. I competed at the previous tournament in Manila with three other members from Bangkok and had a great time. The super-fight between Mike Fowler & Anthony Perosh was cool and there may be a similar match-up in the works for this December. I don't have any confirmed names so I'll just leave it at that. Another hilite will be the tournament in Jakarta as it has some nice rules to promote continual action with options for the gi or no-gi. It would be great to have someone win with the gi on. I will post more info on these events in the next few weeks with pictures and video from last May. In my place, a few teammates will report on my behalf so results can still be found here.

This November, I will be traveling to the US for work + friends/family. During this time, I will be in several cities; New York, San Francisco and San Jose. I am hoping to report on some of the schools I visit so look out for news from abroad.

Lastly, I have found several forums connected with schools, reporting on their respective areas/events. Some of them, I have already made a practice of visiting regularly and others I have just discovered. In the interest of promotion and exchange, if you'd like me to link your club's forum to the blog, just let me know by e-mail: bjjasia@gmail.com


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