Finally, I've managed to post the last of the pics I have for the SEAGG this past weekend. I would like congratulate both Todd and Alex on a job well done. Each edition is a definite improvement from the last and it's a great event for all us competitors. Again, we had teams coming in from Singapore, Indonesia, Philippines, Hong Kong, Korea, Malaysia and in and out of Bangkok. There were some great match ups and I hope to get some of the vids I know you guys took.

Not all of the photos below are great as my camera is a bit sensitive. I do apologize for not being able to post all the award photos but I'm sure you'll forgive me. Each day after the tournament a new ache shows up but I'm sure everyone who competed is feeling the same. I'm really glad I got to meet a number of guys that check in on the blog. Please be sure to e-mail updates about your club, events, belt promotions and suggestions. There is a section for comments, so I'm always open to hear what you guys think.

Video is on it's way but will take a little time.



candy said...

hey Luke, thanks for all the updates. really wanted to go but i cant. so this is really real-time updates for me

LUKE said...

Thanks Candy. Glad the site can help.