We are now just 5 days from the 3rd edition of the South East Asian Grappling Games. It looks to be another eventful weekend of competition and sportsmanship. I hope to see you guys as there as I'll be competing as well as reporting. Best of luck to everyone!

SouthEast Asian Grappling Games 2007

in Bangkok Thailand

The 3rd SouthEast Asian Grappling Games in Bangkok, Thailand is to take place October 20-21, 2007.

The First SEA Grappling Games in Bangkok in November 2005 was a great success. The 2nd installment of the SouthEast Asian Grappling Games on March 17 and 18, 2007 was even larger, better organized and saw much higher level of competition with Brown Belt and Black Belt divisions introduced in the Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Tournament and the Elite Division added to the Submission Grappling Tournament. There were 5 teams from different parts of Thailand present at the event which clearly shows the growth of the BJJ and Submission Grappling in the Kingdom. Competitors and teams from Japan, Hong-Kong, Singapore, Taiwan, Indonesia, Philippines, USA were represented. Right now preparation is in progress for the 3rd SouthEast Asian Grappling Games in October 20-21, 2007 in Bangkok Thailand.

The grappling arts in general and the sports of the Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and Submission Grappling in particular are gaining huge popularity in the world. With more athletes, larger fan base, bigger sponsorships the BJJ and Grappling tournaments are growing in number all over the Asia and the world to become the major sport in the near future!

The 3rd SouthEast Asian Grappling Games(SEAGG) October 20-21, 2007 in Bangkok again will bring the BJJ and Submission Grappling action to the Kingdom of Thailand !

The SEA Grappling Games in Bangkok are open for all Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu practitioners, submission grapplers, wrestlers, Judo players and teams not just from South East Asia alone! We also welcome all international athletes to compete in the SEGG and to help promoting the grappling arts in the region!

The 3rd SEA Grappling Games 2007 on October 20-21, in Bangkok, Thailand will be the two days event.

  • Day 1 Oct 20: Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu tournament (Gi/kimono and under CBJJ rules )
  • Day 2 Oct 21: : Submission Grappling tournament ( NoGi and under modified ADCC rules)

That's two days of grappling action in Bangkok !

Venue: The Chulalongkorn University Indoor Stadium, The address is: 254 Phyathai Road, Patumwan.

The address in Thai, for a taxi: 254 ถนนพญาไท แขวงวังใหม่ เขตปทุมวัน กทม

All levels are welcome! A number of categories will be at stake, from white to brown belts in the BJJ tournament and from novice (one year of training or less) to advance (more than a year of training) and the Elite Division in the Submission Grappling tournament. Please see the weight and belts divisions here

Accommodation and travel arrangements in Bangkok

Our travel partner and the Bangkok Fight Club will be offerring the exclusive accommodation deal for the participants of the SEA Grappling Games in Thailand ! Besides the incredibly low rates for the Bangkok 's hotels competitors will be offered a FREE Bangkok City Tour, visit to the Grand Palace and Emerald Buddha Temple ! The special packages will be offered to the visiting athletes.

The enrollment fee for competitors is ThaiBaht 1.200 for each one of the tournaments or ThaiBaht 1.800 for the athletes competing in both BJJ and Submission Grappling tournaments (both Day 1 and day 2). The enrollment fee is to be paid at the weigh-ins.

Weigh ins are at 6 pm on Friday October 19,2007 at the Bangkok Fight Club

We hope to see you all here in Bangkok !

Please contact us at: seagrappling@yahoo.com

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